Watery Woods

GOLDS + GREENS: "The gold standard Citrus Vetiver based fragrance with patented slow-release technology. The slow-release technology makes the citrus-based perfume last longer." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseMirus Fine FragranceOriginUSAFragranceDriftwoodYear2016NoseNeal PetersConcentrationParfum ExtraitGenderUSeasonLate Summer to Early WinterSize/Cost15ml / $85Source/LinkAve ParfumSoundtrackThe Breeze by Klaus Schulze, 2000Rating87%


“With Ennui Noir, a fragrance unlike any we've experienced, UNUM invites us to engage with stillness in a daring and mystical new fashion. Boundlessly deep, hypnotically tranquil, this scent seems to possess an elemental potency, deploying sweet, weightless florals, crisp myrtle and a gently smoky cedarwood and vetiver combination that stirs beneath the placid surface... Continue Reading →

Perfume As Mirage

"In Oriento Murraciole reconstructs the eternally appealing combination of rose and oud. The result is a feminine fragrance that is unabashedly sultry. At first, Oriento is deeply sweet, almost sparkling in this sugared dimensionality. Lemon is a spike of contrast, a concentrated element that creates an almost gourmand sensation of tangy irresistibility. Saffron's heat singes... Continue Reading →

SP x Miguel Matos Private Perfumes

Here we have a collaboration between the house of SP Parfums and perfumer Miguel Matos, who has his own line of perfumes. There are five fragrances in all, below there is a link to a set of three which is currently available on the site. These all use synthetic notes regarding any animal related accords.... Continue Reading →

A Mellow Green Affair

“Symphonie Passion's true alchemy lies in the fusion of these wondrous ingredients, harmonizing together into a work both energizing and soothing, thoughtful and passionate, novel and familiar. In short, a work of art from a house that never seems to deliver anything less…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseUnumOriginItalyFragranceSymphonie PassionYear2016NoseFilippo SorcinelliConcentrationParfum... Continue Reading →

EP 95: A Bold Bouquet

PERFUMING COSMOLOGY: In a nod to the man who invented what would become modern day chemistry comes a fragrance by Italian house Kemi Blending Magic. They say: "You are not a drop in an ocean, you are an entire ocean within a drop...." Makes me think.... Click play to learn more about how this made... Continue Reading →

EP 80: Golden Halcyon Chimera

SMOKESCREEN + SENSIBILITY: Oh. I nearly imploded like one of those Cronenberg heads in Scanners (1981), it was that telepathic a message to my senses. Slumberhouse pleases the most finicky (again). Yes. Please. More. OriginUSARating92%SourceLuckyscent.comSoundtrackKorall by Geir Lysne Listening Ensemble (2014)

EP 64: Aquatic Tic-Tac-Toe

This vegan-friendly potion is one that just may stop you in your wake (pun intended). Questionable Motives from the house of Mirus is a double-take, for sure. Imagine communing with manatees right off your favorite coastal spot, just outside of where the sea meets land. AveParfum says: "It’s a fragrance of contrasts that showcases both... Continue Reading →

EP 16: In From The North

Something about the Scandanavian wilderness, it's long Winter, and shadowy forests eeks out of the bottle. Norne by Slumberhouse is an intriguing fragrance experience. Where limb and earth come together in something resembling a dream, caught inside a glistening snowglobe, but somehow keeping all limbs protected from the elements. The warming qualities come from an... Continue Reading →

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