Leave The Light On

CRISP RUBY RED: "A study around fruity apple notes, spicy pink pepper, caring peony and quite some ambrocenide. A left over from a customer dreamed about an improvement of Dior sauvage with Jonny Depp in the advert." HousePerfume.SucksOriginSwitzerlandFragranceRedYear2017NoseAndreas WilhelmConcentrationEDPAtmosphereSeductive Bed ChamberSeason/MoodSummery (Late Night)Size/Cost52ml / $79Source/LinkPerfume.SucksSoundtrackRed by Studio 1, 2008Rating79%

Blue Velvet, Deux

BLUE ON BLUE: "The scent is aquatic-fresh…Perfume.Sucks is a niche brand from Switzerland founded in 2017. "We don’t make perfumes, perfumes suck! We create scents: sprayable alcoholic solutions made from raw materials that smell great when combined. We don’t believe in fancy packaging or deceiving marketing. Instead, we write the ingredients right on the bottle... Continue Reading →


A CARNIVAL OF SWEETNESS: "A cotton candy Orris fragrance, unisex, a left over from a study around an old classics. Maybe the biggest amount of Orris ever seen in a fragrance in the past 50 years." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfume.SucksOriginSwitzerlandFragranceLiving CoralYear2019NoseAndreas WilhelmConcentrationEDPGenderU/FSeason/MoodSummer, and alternatively SpringSize/Cost52ml/$79Source/LinkPerfume.SucksSoundtrackCanto coral a Túpac Amaru... Continue Reading →

Go The Distance

PURPLE PLUME: "A study around real Ambergris Tincture, Swiss stone Pine, Maceal, Mimosa, Olibanum, Ginger and Hedione HC." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfume.SucksOriginSwitzerlandFragrancePurpleYear2018NoseAndreas WilhelmConcentrationEDPGenderUSeason/MoodSpring through Early FallSize/Cost52ml/$79Source/LinkPerfume.SucksSoundtrackMysterious Crystal by Sun Ra, 1972Rating81%

The Green Wave

GREEN GOURMAND: "We do not create perfume - perfume.sucks! We create alcoholic solutions - Sprayable. We choose raw materials. Sometimes they choose us. We put them together. We let them bound. There is no story. They are the story. Transparent. Written on the bottle. A study around Marihuana, Hazelnut, Coffee, Mango, Rhubarb and Amber." Click... Continue Reading →

A Timeless Retreat

SAVE THE LEMURS! "Inspired by the lush forests of Madagascar and the delightfully sociable lemurs who inhabit them, Luminous Lemurs opens with a rush of blood orange and Madagascar ylang ylang – a double delight of rich, floral fruitiness. The scent evolves over time, revealing spicy, narcotic carnation at its heart and hints of antique... Continue Reading →

Exotic Luxury

THE NEW-NEW BLACK: "The second launch for 2019 is an oriental study around Patchouly leaves and Pink Pepper. Spicy and woody refined with real narde from the Himalaya, black wild collected Olibanum from Jemen and deep Oud from Vietnam. Black C reflects Andreas years working in Dubai for different fragrance Houses and was originally created... Continue Reading →

Go For The Gold

WHY'S IT GOTTA BE YELLOW?: "A study around Patchouli alcohol and Ambroxan, enriched with Norlimbanol, Davana, Labdanum, a safe Moss reconstruction from Firmenich and a whisper of Cumin." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfume.SucksOriginSwitzerlandFragranceYellow (130C)Year2018NoseAndreas WilhelmConcentrationEDPGenderUSeasonAutumnal (Winter + Early Spring Defrost)Size/Cost52ml/$79Source/LinkPerfume.SucksSoundtrackAmber Decay by Kangding Ray, 2014Rating98%

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