Casual Cool

"A classic from Nicolai now available in INTENSE version! Like the city that never sleeps, the fragrance stimulates and spices up the life of those who wear it. Red and black pepper, patchouli and citrus notes compose this spicy amber fragrance acclaimed by the critics. Mellow, polished, deep, spicy, complex and seductive. We could see... Continue Reading →

No(ta)ble Incense Trio

Ooo, What's That Smell?: “Ancient and evocative, the Incense Series features spiritual scents that have stirred monks, high priestesses and holy men throughout the ages. Magic and ethereal, yet bound to the earth, these five scents represent a pilgrimage to the four corners of the globe. An olfactory journey through the world of mankind with... Continue Reading →

Urban Infinity

IN A SINGLE BOUND!: “Unisex fragrance that evokes hand made gestures in shaping wet clay, the mother of all, fire and air to finalize an outstanding ceramic's piece of art.” Correction: Apologies -- Extrait D'Atelier is based in Italy (not France as voiced). Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseExtrait D’AtelierOriginItalyFragranceMaître CéramisteYear2018NoseMaurizio Cerizza... Continue Reading →

EP 46: A Pastel Island

Some scents simply whisper like the wind. From their ongoing Blu Meditteraneo series, here we have the discontinued (?) Ginepro di Sardegna by Acqua Di Parma. It's only six years young, why? I guess its pastel washes didn't appeal to the masses, or something like that. Personally I like soft + subtle as opposed to... Continue Reading →

EP 38: The Past Lingers On

Thank heavens for Mr. Tom Ford, right? I've been waiting nearly fifteen or so years to get my nose on this again. Honestly, I'm unsure if my sample has lost or gained it's classic signature over time, I don't even know when the sample was manufactured, but I know what I know. And what I... Continue Reading →

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