Valhom Collection

“By evoking classic values and feelings, the Valhom Collection is an intense olfactory experience honouring the Greek-Roman Ideal of ‘true Virilitas’. Awake your senses trough Nature and bring 'the magic' in your life. Discover how each parfum unfolds uniquely on your own skin as it is a distinguished creation in high perfume oil concentration. Relax... Continue Reading →

Enigmatic Coastal Bouquet

AN ORNAMENTAL SEASCAPE: "In a time when giants rule the Earth, an untouched mist of towering flora thrives. A sea song of scent arises in the distance. A volcanic brine of ambergris and seaweed; the aroma of times past. Veins of salt strata bloom against the sun that ripples in the primordial ocean slosh; silty,... Continue Reading →

Eris Parfums Discovery Set

FLORA, FAUNA + MUCH MORE: From the house of Eris Parfums in collaboration with master perfumer Antoine Lie comes a series of fragrances (2016-2021). “Named after Eris, the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption, the brand is inspired by muses — divine, human, and fragrant — that exemplify unconventional beauty and dark, subversive glamour.” I... Continue Reading →

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