Stora Skuggan: Thirds

“It happened many seasons ago. Of course to explain it you would have to be here. We had all been used to only the same smells, the same architecture. Until the monsoon came. At first we were weary. What did she want with us? But then we became dizzy. The allure became a way of living. Without it we were dust.”... Continue Reading →

A Layered Trio

“(Audacity) Those of you that wear this be warned. You will become the center of attention, the alpha-male of the room. So wear it with pride.…(Ecstasy) The feeling of joy, sexual tension and happiness transcends into your very own body while wearing this statement-making "here I am" fragrance that will make you the center of... Continue Reading →

The Wild West Never Smelled This Good

“The scent imagines moments within the Battle of Trafalgar.  Powerful accords of smoke, gunpowder, Blood, and Brandy combine with sea spray and a penetrating citrus note. The fragrance is singularly bold in its composition, yet ultimately refined, provocative and unique.” HouseBeaufortOriginUKFragrance1805 TonnerreYear2015NoseJulie Dunkley, Julie MarloweConcentrationEDPSeasonA Player Piano + A Ballroom BlitzSize/Cost50ml / $150SourceImpossible-Color.comSoundtrackHired Gun by Steve... Continue Reading →

A Rose Vapor

“Smoke and rose perfume. Creating a perfume involves tremendous patience and experimentation. When I embarked on this process, I didn't fully know how engrossing it would become. Curiosity is a strong driver; the more you read, smell, experience, the more you want to know what this elusive scent is composed of, or what a certain... Continue Reading →

Circadian Brew

“Cold stars gaze down from behind an ancient moon, glittering within an endless black sky. The cold sighs across bracken and moss and needle as gold filters through fog rolling in from the Pacific, an awakening as ageless as the world. A spirit belonging to a specific place is known as the genius loci. The... Continue Reading →

Champagne of Incense

“Winter Crocus is a frosty, woodland fragrance that captures the beauty of the beloved and folkloric Crocus flower in snow. It is dry and soft like the pure beauty of Winter’s muted, cold tranquility. A unique, first ever Crocus accord….Our perfumes are created in micro batches. Each fragrance is formulated, diluted, aged for a 12... Continue Reading →

In The Thick Of It And Back Again

“Exhilaration and gratification make up the perfect drive. Leather seats, a heavy foot, the exhaust, a wake of fallen leaves, cool air and hot tires. A perfume that represents the gratifying sensation of a connecting to the road. That’s Clutch.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HousePerfumologyOriginUSAFragranceClutchYear2018NoseJustin Frederico w/Nir GuyConcentrationParfumGenderM/USeasonSpring + FallSize/Cost2.5ml/$8, 50ml/$95SoundtrackAs... Continue Reading →

Herbal Tenderness

“Conveying the delicate line between understated yet having individuality, the fragrance envelopes the wearer with its complex and distinctive character, defined by a juxtaposition between dark green notes and smoky, velvety, woody scent accords, both fresh and warm in equal measure…” Special thanks to Smallflower. Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseFlorisOriginUKFragranceVert... Continue Reading →

EP 80: Golden Halcyon Chimera

SMOKESCREEN + SENSIBILITY: Oh. I nearly imploded like one of those Cronenberg heads in Scanners (1981), it was that telepathic a message to my senses. Slumberhouse pleases the most finicky (again). Yes. Please. More. OriginUSARating92%SourceLuckyscent.comSoundtrackKorall by Geir Lysne Listening Ensemble (2014)

EP 20: Eastern Smoke

If you are going to get lost amid the ecstatic, this may be the perfect elixir for noses in (and out of) the know. Targa is a revelation and Blackbird out of the Pacific Northwest is testifying loud and clear - well, actually soft, dark and smokily (I can make up words!). As far as... Continue Reading →

EP 18: Into The Embers

A pleasant introduction to a NYC-based perfume house that makes fragrances "Sourced from the Finest Rare and Exotic Oils, Tinctures and Absolutes." This is Euphorium Brooklyn's unique Wald. Majesty, mystery, magick. With an air of reverence, and a hint of dinge, this is a strange perfume that will have you guessing, and considering where to... Continue Reading →

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