Ride The Vanilla Wave

“Celebrated by perfume lovers as the best iconic vanilla scent, ANI is a romantic and calm perfume created under the inspiration of a famous Anatolian folk song called “Sarı Gelin” (in Turkish) or “Sari Gyalin” in Armenian. As the similarity of the name of the song in both languages suggests that both nations share a... Continue Reading →

Covert + Mystic

“A mythical destination: New York. A legendary liner: the Normandie. A bottle blue like the Atlantic Ocean. A new olfactive odyssey: Hommage à l’homme Voyageur. This Masculine fragrance is a woody and spicy scent imbued with confident masculinity and refined elegance, in which two beautiful raw materials from perfumery come together: oud wood and violet.” Click... Continue Reading →

Shimmering Green Time Travel

"A fragrance that defies the traditional rules reinterpreting them with a modern twist. The greatest expression of the Cannabis buds, a debut of pureness, a voluptuous heart for a piercing, slightly impudent perfume." Courtesy of the good folks of SoAvantGarde.com HouseBois 1920FragranceCannabisYear2019OriginItalyNoseCristian CalabroSeasonThe Season of Love, So To SpeakConcentrationEDPSize/Cost100ml / $185 (other sizes available)Rating87%SourceSoAvantGarde.comSoundtrackCánnabis by... Continue Reading →

Taking Temperatures

“Unutamam was bound to defy easy categorization as the first entry in NISHANE's bold new "Experimental Collection". But that turns out to be the point: Unutamam, intentionally straddles the line between lush seduction and animalic ferocity, leaving it to the wearer to decide which mood to allow the scent to embody. Unutamam, from first spray,... Continue Reading →

Contemporary Citrus Twist

"From the start it evokes the crystal clarity of a midsummer day. Its original freshness, which does not conceal the personality of the wearer, it is achieved by concentrating the hesperidian note. The middle note presents a flowery procession. The fragrance extends over an elegant, sensual base note enriched by refined boisé notes." Courtesy of... Continue Reading →

Sun Through Citrus

“As one of the strongest fresh scents in the market, it opens on citrus notes of bergamot, orange and mandarin that provide the sparkling freshness. While Mediterranean fig and musk provide a base for the fragrance, oolong tea mesmerizes in an evasive way…” HouseNishaneOriginTurkeyFragranceWulong ChaYear2015NoseJorge LeeConcentrationExtrait de ParfumSeasonIt’s A Summer ThangSize/Cost100ml / $310SourceSoAvantGarde.comSoundtrackMediterranean by Nur,... Continue Reading →

Plush Patina

“Pas ce Soir is inspired by a mysterious and sensual night in Paris. The fragrance is fruity, spicy and woody, made by a trilogy of jasmine, quince, and orange blossom. Recommended for those in search of an indulgent floral perfume…” HouseBDK ParfumsOriginFranceFragrancePas Сe SoirYear2016NoseDavid BenedekConcentrationEDPSeasonFall/Winter (but still flexible)AtmosphereParis A Go GoSize/Cost100ml / $180SourceSo Avant GardeSoundtrackQuince... Continue Reading →

Leisure Living

“Gris Charnel is inspired by a Parisian urban sensuality, which it expresses through sandalwood and vetiver. It is the scent of bodies entwined between white sheets until the early morning. Recommended for those in search of a carnal, oriental and woody perfume…” HouseBDK ParfumsOriginFranceFragranceGris CharnelYear2019NoseMathilde BijaouiConcentrationEDPSeasonThe Cooler MonthsSize/Cost100ml / $180SourceSo Avant GardeSoundtrackWoody 'n' You (Take... Continue Reading →

Soft Purring Time Capsule

“The first Lalique Masculine fragrance. A timelessness fragrance for an elegant and refined man. Fresh and virile, this perfume has top hesperidic and aromatic notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Italian mandarin with Alpine Lavender and Rosemary over a jasmine, orris and Virginian cedar wood heart. On the dry-down, amber, Indonesian Patchouli, Indian Sandalwood, oak moss and... Continue Reading →

Herbal Be-Bop

LA LA L'INSOUMIS: “L’Insoumis reinvents the most masculine of fragrance: a timeless and refined fougere, which blend aromatic freshness with the subtle potency of ambery woods. For a charismatic, elegant, authentic and modern-day adventurer, who doesn’t follow trends: he creates them.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseLaliqueOriginFranceFragranceL'InsoumisYear2016NoseFabrice PellegrinConcentrationEDTGenderM/USeasonSpring/Summer/Early AutumnSize/Cost100ml/$129Source/LinkSo Avant GardeSoundtrackMasculine... Continue Reading →

Dive In

BLUE ON BLUE: “Bentley for Men Azure makes an immediate impact with a contemporary burst of freshness: the top note is an invigorating, stimulating cocktail of fresh citrus, delicious fruity pineapple and the wonderful herbaceous aroma of violet leaves. It immediately transports you into fresh fields of blue.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on... Continue Reading →

Minted + A Dash of Class

WINTER ME/SUMMER ME: “Crafted from the highest-quality natural materials, this vibrant new fragrance meets the same exacting standards as Bentley cars. In Bentley For Men Silverlake, the up-and-coming young perfumer Ané Ayo has developed layer upon layer of cool aromatic notes, based on the highest-quality, sustainable and natural ingredients, to conjure both an alpine landscape... Continue Reading →

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