The Cascading Tropics

“The aroma of Plumeria flowers unfurling beneath the rainbow of a Los Angeles sunset. This fragrance is formulated with nature’s most precious essences. These luxurious natural materials are reserved for only the most decadent olfactory creations. For rawness and botanical purity this perfume is left unfiltered. Some cloudiness or sediment may occur due to the high... Continue Reading →

EP 68: Magnifique Mysterio

A fragrance that took me by surprise. It's nice to go in with no expectations whatsoever, and to come out the other end knowing that you may have just found a regular pleaser. This one is about its elixir of spicy orientation. Have you tried Baume du Doge from the house of Eau D’Italie? If... Continue Reading →

EP 17: A Treasure Trove

They say: "An ode to vanilla, crowned with tonka bean and sublimated with a hint of cinnamon, Herod leaves behind a delicate sillage which is both warm and bold" - and I do not beg to differ too much, but I do have more to say on the matter. Remember to click the 'Follow' button... Continue Reading →

EP 16: In From The North

Something about the Scandanavian wilderness, it's long Winter, and shadowy forests eeks out of the bottle. Norne by Slumberhouse is an intriguing fragrance experience. Where limb and earth come together in something resembling a dream, caught inside a glistening snowglobe, but somehow keeping all limbs protected from the elements. The warming qualities come from an... Continue Reading →

EP 4: Unmasked

Noir - Anthracite comes from the house of Texas-born Tom Ford (worldwide). This is my first go at any fragrance from this particular designer brand, but likely one of his most elusive and 'particular' scents. As someone only catching up in the now I unfortunately missed his very lauded work with Gucci way back when... Continue Reading →

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