Shimmering Green Time Travel

"A fragrance that defies the traditional rules reinterpreting them with a modern twist. The greatest expression of the Cannabis buds, a debut of pureness, a voluptuous heart for a piercing, slightly impudent perfume." Courtesy of the good folks of HouseBois 1920FragranceCannabisYear2019OriginItalyNoseCristian CalabroSeasonThe Season of Love, So To SpeakConcentrationEDPSize/Cost100ml / $185 (other sizes available)Rating87%SourceSoAvantGarde.comSoundtrackCánnabis by... Continue Reading →

Contemporary Citrus Twist

"From the start it evokes the crystal clarity of a midsummer day. Its original freshness, which does not conceal the personality of the wearer, it is achieved by concentrating the hesperidian note. The middle note presents a flowery procession. The fragrance extends over an elegant, sensual base note enriched by refined boisé notes." Courtesy of... Continue Reading →

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