A Special Trio from House of Matriarch

OLFACTORY HEAVEN - 3 WAYS: “House of Matriarch is the premier natural and artisan fragrance maker in the USA. Our language speaks to the past but carries into the future, to the pinnacle of the highest art of perfume-making. Hearkening back to the mysteries of thousands of years of science, discovery and artful application, and... Continue Reading →

Triple Threat: The House of Oud

“Andrea Casotti’s concept is an exciting freestyle, the personal accumulations of a nuclear engineer who is also a visionary, a street artist and a perfumer: a chameleon-like explorer who employs dynamics, colours and the ingredients of his fragrance house with talent to reproduce a vibrant synthesis of widely different universes in every one of his... Continue Reading →

Dreamy + Creamy

“A decadent balance between regal and rebel. Inspired by 19th century bohemians, re-imagined in an original elegance. Cashmere-like ambery notes smoothing out the carnal earthiness associated with counter-culture. In MISFIT what was once decadent is now made addictively desirable. In a bedroom in the City of Flesh, a Kashmiri shawl drapes decadently over the bed. Once extremely coveted, the shawls are... Continue Reading →

Horn of Plenty

“Warmth radiates from within and comfort sets in.  Sweetness surrounds you as you rest below a grove of sandalwood and fruit trees on a warm afternoon. A feeling similar to time spent with loved ones. Smiles, laughter, and reassuring voices provide a shield around you…” HouseMotif OlfactifOriginUSAFragranceNectar BoiséYear2019NoseOswald PareConcentrationEDP (24%)SeasonRipe + ReadySize/Cost50ml / $130SourceMotif OlfactifSoundtrackInvisibility... Continue Reading →

Orange Pops

Sparkling Syrup // Sheer Gourmand // Abstract Pastry HouseHendley PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceColaYear2021 (a now sold out reissue from the 2020 Laboratory Series #1)NoseHans HendleyConcentrationExtrait de ParfumSeason/MoodSave for SummertimeSize/CostSample - 50ml (sold out)SourceHendley PerfumesSoundtrackAgent Orange by Depeche Mode, 1987Rating89%

Floral Fossils

ROSE TEA + TREE: “A warm and smouldering return to the liquid gold essence of oud and the precious tree of its origin Just as the aroma of wood smoke spikes winter’s air, AQUILARIA injects warmth into that which is cold. The fragrance is a dedication to the East Asian tree of the same name... Continue Reading →

Dusted Bittersweet Memories

CHOCOLAT L'ORANGE: “A new way to experience chocolate. Neroli, bitter orange, and spicy ginger blended with frankincense and deep, rich cacao absolute create an intriguing synergy. Simultaneously dark and bright with a hint of spice.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseCurioso PerfumesOriginUSAFragranceNuovo CacaoYear2019NoseErin FraserConcentrationNatural PerfumeGenderUSeason/MoodHolidays + All WintertimeSize/Cost8ml/$65SourceCurioso PerfumesSoundtrackChocolate by Klangwart,... Continue Reading →

The Mood of Oud Unleashed

BEAST(L)Y ESSENCE: “The signature scent of the Bortnikoff house, Mysterious Oud is more than just another westernized agarwood creation- it's a wholly original creation that combines exquisite oud from all over the world (including renowned "10k by Feel Oud") to delight the senses and cast a deep spell of power and wisdom.” Special Thanks go... Continue Reading →

Psychedelic Snapshot

"Spring in Paris has almost become summer today. The shades of evening begin to descend. You sit in a cafe in the city center and look at the Seine. The sun goes down and the colors of the day mix with the purple sky. The familiar outlines of objects are faded by pastel tones, your... Continue Reading →

Tip O’ The Tongue

“Experience an ancient ritual with raw cacao from the jungle combined with coarsely crushed spices, dried fruit, and fragrant herbs. Chocolatl is an exploration of cacao as a plant, not necessarily only as a confection, with all of its potential nuances…Quite the aphrodisiac…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseEuphorium BrooklynOriginUSAFragranceChocolatlYear2015NoseStephen DirkesConcentrationEDPGenderUSeasonThe... Continue Reading →

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