Patchouli 2.0

RIGHT DOWN THE BARREL: “I crafted notes of Patchouli, Tonka, Vanilla and Woods to age in the golden rum seasoned oak barrel which added a distinctly sweet and buttery dimension to what I think turned out to be a very special and magical fragrance.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseOK Fine FragrancesOriginUSAFragrancePatchouli Aged In... Continue Reading →

Hushed Elegance

“Ghzalh, the essence of inspiration. This fragrance has a rich and multifaceted combination of notes, reflecting a life well travelled, enriched by new experiences and new connections. Ghzalh is a scent made all the more beautiful by its contrasting facets. Warming maple and crisp bergamot are bolstered in delicious juxtaposition with tart liquorice and dry... Continue Reading →

Rise Above Head & Shoulders

“Neo-Fougere with a civette/amber booster for longlasting ‘Aqua ultimo’ lavender-mossy freshness…. Home is, where the perfume is. That déjà-vue, our childhood‘s scents and memories and the deepest parts of our dreams, instincts and soul.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseSP ParfumsOriginGermanyFragranceFougere IntenseYear2020NoseSven Pritzkoleit ConcentrationEDPGenderU/MSeasonAnytimes You Want To Smell Well CoiffedSize/Cost7.5ml/$44, 30ml/$150Source/LinkSP... Continue Reading →

Selections from Gather Perfume

BODACIOUS BOTANICALS: “Conceptual, complex natural fragrances that unfold on your skin, telling stories of landscapes, memories, exotic lands, or familiar seasons. Each botanical perfume is expertly composed in small batches using only the finest, authentic plant aromatics from around the world, carefully gathered from the wild, or organically grown in the home garden. Olfactory art, plant alchemy,... Continue Reading →

Prescent Summer 2020 Duo

“More than ever, we could do with help in managing our moods and our mindfulness.  We spent eighteen months creating perfumes that enhance your moods and help you tune your state of mind. The hero ingredient this Summer is the finest natural Vanilla Absolute - an ancient aroma the Aztecs used over centuries as a calming, connecting aphrodisiac...” Click Play, to hear my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Sampling A Trio by Electimuss

“Inspired by legends of love, power and glamour of Rome, Electimuss is a London based artisan brand creating daring and decadent perfumes. Bewitched by scent, the Romans collected exotic ingredients from across their empire and the Silk Road, refining the art of perfumery.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseElectimussOriginUKFragranceImperium, Puritas, VixereYear2020NoseunknownConcentrationEDPGendervariesSeasonvariesSize/Cost100ml/$225-$390Source/LinkElectimussSoundtrackPopoloco... Continue Reading →

Looking Back and Forth

"A refined fragrance for men looking for a singular elegance...In 1904 in Paris, Caron was born out of the sparks that flew when two extraordinary people, Félicie Wanpouille and Ernest Daltroff, first met. It was the explosive union of a woman with fantastic intuition, and a perfumer as talented as he was determined. Two free... Continue Reading →

EP 2: Fan The Flame

Black Vines comes from Kerosene fragrances. Sweet, but not too sticky or syrupy. I attempt to distill the layers of complexity in our first-ever fragrance review. It's somehow as familiar as it is mysterious. If you like the flavor and essence of birch beer and similar woody vine spirits you will dive in deep. Outsiders... Continue Reading →

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