Nobile 1942 Four Square

“Everything started with Umberto Nobile, Massimo’s grandfather, a name that has always been synonymous with luxury fragrances. Since the early 30s he represented Nina Ricci perfumes and in 1942, at the heigh of Second World War, he decided to open a perfumery for his wife in Rome. It became a family tradition: Massimo’s father did... Continue Reading →

A Perky Brew

I'M COMING OUT: “This limited edition perfume is one half of a dual release of vetiver perfumes. These perfumes are more experimental than I have released with the Libertine line, exploring my materials library without burdening the creative process with concerns budget and style. Both perfumes in this collection use a considerable quantity of high end natural ingredients….” *** Correction:... Continue Reading →

Solemn + Profane

YIN/YANG. "Sanctifino captures the sacred infusion of spirit in matter. It is a call to anoint our earthly forms and reactivate the essence of divinity that is carried within. An uplifting scent of citrus and metallic notes with an ambiance that is semi-sweet and slightly smokey.”… “Sapientia represents an illuminated state of consciousness symbolized by... Continue Reading →

Burnt Offerings

SPIRITS HAVING FLOWN: “Imagine yourself walking through the Imperial courts of Japan, with incense burning and aromas of spices, burnt aloes-wood (oud), resins, and flowers tingle with your sensations.This scent is excellent for those who want to experience the Japanese Kodo tradition and incense burning ceremonies.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.... Continue Reading →

Seasoned Sylvan Sensation

LEAFLETTING: Here we have the latest fragrance from the house of Anatole Lebreton. “In the heart of Provence Verte, Anatole Lebreton crafts unique fragrances that reflect his journey off the beaten path as an independent perfumer. Modern and creative yet loyal to French tradition, he is committed to sharing his passion for refined scents and... Continue Reading →

An Apple A Day As They Say

Ave Parfum says of this fragrance: “Destruction and renewal, a fragrance of opposites. Spring rain paints a pastoral picture, vivid watercolor of fields of daffodils reaching towards the sky while waterlogged crannies hold daffodils that are near collapse, their bloated stems prematurely decaying in the soggy soil.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this... Continue Reading →

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