Perfume As Mirage

"In Oriento Murraciole reconstructs the eternally appealing combination of rose and oud. The result is a feminine fragrance that is unabashedly sultry. At first, Oriento is deeply sweet, almost sparkling in this sugared dimensionality. Lemon is a spike of contrast, a concentrated element that creates an almost gourmand sensation of tangy irresistibility. Saffron's heat singes... Continue Reading →

EP 86: Rising From The Ashes

COMPLETE THIS PICTURE: From the house of Jovoy Paris comes the second from the perfume maker for us to review, here it's L'Art de la Guerre, translated to 'The Art of War' - a phrase taken from an ancient Chinese military treatise dating back to the 5th century BC. Their official statement on the fragrance... Continue Reading →

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