Heeley x 2

“As a designer influenced by nature, it was natural that James Heeley should be fascinated by the world of scent. It was after meeting Annick Goutal in 1996 that he discovered how scents are ‘designed’. His first scent, ‘Figuier’, is remarkable for it’s precision in evoking the natural scent of a Mediterranean Fig tree. With... Continue Reading →

I Profumi di Firenze Quartetto

“Florentine perfumer and founder of i Profumi di Firenze, Dr. Giovanni di Massimo discovered Catherine de Medici's secret perfume recipes and other Medici fragrance formulas in 1966 in the aftermath of a devastating flood. That year torrential rains caused the Arno River to overflow into the city’s historical center engulfing it in muddy water. While sorting... Continue Reading →

The Book of Hours Suite

A CONTEMPLATIVE TRILOGY: “The Book of Hours suite is composed by three perfumes that take references from the medieval Paleography studies carried out by Ricardo Ramos with Stanford University / USA. This is an olfactory journey through medieval monastic activities, with an aim of capturing their intriguing mysticism, from the intimate erudite atmosphere of the... Continue Reading →

Sunny, Steely, Soapy

IT GLISTENS, IT GLEAMS!: “Austere and elegant. This fragrance is a journey through time and Sergio’s memories, like his encounter with the effortlessly beautiful and talented Ingrid Bergman and iconic film director Roberto Rossellini and the excited turmoil that their factory visit would cause. The initial fresh and inviting notes of Verbena and Brazilian Oranges... Continue Reading →

Springtime Burst of Freshness

ANYWAY YOU SLICE IT: “Uplifting, Elegant, Sensual. This fragrance is formulated with nature’s most precious essences. These luxurious natural materials are reserved for only the most decadent olfactory creations. For rawness and botanical purity this perfume is left unfiltered. Some cloudiness or sediment may occur due to the high percentage of natural ingredients.” Click Play,... Continue Reading →

EP 53: Crisp and Leafy

Oh. This will possibly help your garden grow, or at least one can imagine, greenthumb or not. Nomenclature offers a refreshing take on the Japanese leaf in shi_sõ. By way of nature meets science, this has been concocted for the nose who has likely experienced many fragrances and is looking for something completely new. Not... Continue Reading →

EP 36: Estranged Dualities

Here are two various fragrances from the nose of Shawn Maher, one available from American Perfumer - the truly 'strange perfume' called Lamplight Penance, and also I am sharing my very first experience of his Admiral - both fragrances today come from the Chatillion Lux line. These are so very distinctly different in composition and... Continue Reading →

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