Guest Spotlight: J.F. Schwarzlose

Welcome to our third of five episodes of Guest Spotlight! This miniseries welcomes a group of exciting perfume reviewers + enthusiasts who are also on Instagram. This short series will run the length of the week of April 26-30, 2021 and each day we will feature two perspectives on two different fragrances from the same... Continue Reading →

A Surge of Enchantment

“Rausch means rush in German, and boy, they weren’t kidding - this is one powerful rush to the head that you won’t forget in a hurry. One spritz of this stunning fragrance and you are ready for a night of Berlin-style debauchery that even Baudelaire would be proud of." Click Play, to hear my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Salty Air Fossil

AVANTGARDISM: “Zeitgeist is a new composition of the long-standing perfume brand J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin: it embodies the contrasting multifacetedness of the presence and its sensual dichotomy. A conglomerate of sexiness and freshness, changeability and avantgarde." Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseJ.F. Schwarzlose BerlinOriginGermanyFragranceZeitgeistYear2012NoseVéronique NybergConcentrationEDPGenderU/FSeason/MoodLate Winter into Mid SpringSize/Cost50ml/$156SourceJ.F. Schwarzlose Berlin SoundtrackAlgae... Continue Reading →

Liquid Topaz

DRIPPING IN LEATHER: “Leder. Even the sound of the German word for leather sounds über naughty, doesn’t it? But if you’re worried that Leder 6 is a hardcore leather with the full-on kink factor of a Berlin night club, then rest easy – it’s not. With its notes of hot milk, candy, and rubber, Leder... Continue Reading →

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