Naomi Goodsir Discovery Sampling Set

What a cool packet, visually and in terms of its thoughtful contents. Do not spill a drop as this one includes some bright ideas on perfumery. “Exceptional fragrances concocted with Renaud Coutaudier, represent a natural extension of Naomi’s notable universe.” Click Play to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseNaomi GoodsirOriginUSAFragrancesBois D'Ascese, Cuir Velours, Or... Continue Reading →

The Monsillage EDT Collection

“Similar to a movie scenario that sets the tone by recreating a particular atmosphere and giving insight into the characters’ personas, the real-life stories behind each of the Monsillage perfumes are a way to create a bond with the perfumes and enhance the perfume experience. The perfumer finds inspiration in past travels, one-of-a-kind experiences, personal... Continue Reading →

Alexandria Travel Set

Masculine Leaners: “Alexandria Fragrances is an independent fragrance house that provides handcrafted niche fragrances. Located in Los Angeles, they started their journey in Cairo, Egypt - a land of mythical sights & aromas…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseAlexandria FragrancesOriginUSA/EgyptFragranceCasanova, Arabian Horse, Brazilia Cologne, OvationYear2017NoseHany HafezConcentrationParfum ExtractGenderVaries (M to Unisex)SeasonVariesSize/CostSet: 4x10ml,... Continue Reading →

Fragrance du Bois Perfumers Discovery Collection

ILLUSTRIOUS TEN-SPOT: "Luxury Perfume is redefined “Born in Nature, Crafted in France” a unique sustainable brand story of vision, passion and creative integrity. True vision takes time and over the years our collections have grown and evolved exclusively collaborating with the worlds leading perfumers, crafting the rarest, finest, most exclusive and sustainably sourced pure perfume... Continue Reading →

The Sarah Baker Range

BETTER SEAS + GARDENS (& unexpected journeys): From US-born, UK Based Sarah Baker, a visual artist and brand ambassador comes a flight of fancy. My first impressions of Sarah Baker Perfumes' Discovery Set include eight fragrances in all. These are all Extrait de Parfum. Broken down there are four noses here including: Sarah McCartney, Andreas... Continue Reading →

Ripe Tropical Fruit & Sandy Shores

“Rich and natural-smelling rather than sporty or cheap, the pineapple note is so well done here that it redeems the reputation of the much-maligned fruit. Hacivat wears on the skin as lightly as a white linen shirt in summer…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseNishaneOriginTurkeyFragranceHacivatYear2017NoseJorge LeeConcentrationExtrait de ParfumGenderU/M-leaningSeasonSummertime (& Spring)Size/Cost50ml/$240, 100ml/$380SourceLuckyscent.comSoundtrackDubwise... Continue Reading →

EP 93: Got Wood?

INTO + OUT OF THE WOODS: These are my first impressions of SP Parfums' Wood Sample Set, five fragrances in total. These use no animal products. There is a lot to explore here, something for everyone. I am a huge fan of discovery kits or sets like this, which help you connect the dots between... Continue Reading →

EP 64: Aquatic Tic-Tac-Toe

This vegan-friendly potion is one that just may stop you in your wake (pun intended). Questionable Motives from the house of Mirus is a double-take, for sure. Imagine communing with manatees right off your favorite coastal spot, just outside of where the sea meets land. AveParfum says: "It’s a fragrance of contrasts that showcases both... Continue Reading →

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