We Three Queens

‘TIS ROYALTY: Of the White Queen they say: “We wanted to create a sense of wonder, and to celebrate the idea of disappearing down the rabbit hole and finding ourselves in a new world of aromatic delight, and we think we succeeded.” And next is the Red Queen: “Red Queen is a rose fragrance made specially for Michelyn Camen, founder of the fragrance community ÇaFleureBon, for its 9th birthday. It’s inspired by Alice’s Adventures both in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.” Lastly but not leastly, the Dark Queen: “Our Dark Queen is a sleek wildcat which has been grazing at a berry farm. The aroma of a furry animal, but a very well groomed one, which only shows it claws if it absolutely has to. Untamed beasts are not for us.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

House4160 Tuesdays x Cafleurebon
FragranceWhite Queen (2018) + Red Queen (2019) + Dark Queen (2020)
NoseSarah McCartney w/Michelyn Camen (creative direction)
SeasonSeasons Change, People Change
Size/Cost100ml / $203 (15-50ml sizes also available)
Source/Link4160 Tuesdays
SoundtrackAbsent Old Queen Underfoot by Nurse With Wound, 1981
Rating86% / 93% / 84%

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