Similar Spirits, Not The Same

About Noir Tropical: “Seductive but not suffocating, its trace lingers on the skin for a long time, revealing the characteristics of its nature: herbal, aromatic and gently gourmand. A vanilla scent that is naturally elegant, vital and passionate. The rum and the almond give it an original personality with no compromises. Vanilla is the femme fatale of a film noir set in the South Seas. It is rich, complex and irresistible with all the colours and flavours of the tropics. This is my homage to that fantasy, that idea of seduction.” About Ofrenda: “Ofrenda awakens and nourishes the family altar dedicated to lost loved ones and those who wrote the lines of ancestral stories. Papel picado, cempasuchil, candles, pan de muerto, tequila, candies, beer, fruit, bowls of water and sweets, all common offerings during Dia de Muertos, awaiting the touch of welcome spirits. The golden crowns of cempashuchil glow with the fire of memory, like links in the chains of ancestral history that reach toward the Sun in exaltation of life, celebration and human potential.”

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HouseMaria Candida Gentile + Herbcraft Perfumery
OriginItaly + USA
FragranceNoir Tropical + Ofrenda
Year2013 + 2019
NoseMaria Candida Gentile + Mauricio Garcia
ConcentrationEDP + Eau de Esprit
Size/Cost15-100ml/$38-163 + 100ml/$125
SoundtrackA Vanilla Kyte by Brunnen, 2014
SourceMaria Candida Gentile + Herbcraft Perfumery
Rating89% + 83%

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