Root to Fruit

Shamal is dedicated to perseverance. The inspiration came from the character of the pearls fisherman. There is a moment in the desert that leaves observer totally owe: when the night becomes day and the sky take on shades from black to blue….The pearls fisherman is lying on his back and enjoying his view of the starry sky. It is his watch as lookout, pirates could attack in every moment, raiding this slender boat loaded with pears and cloths, undoing all the hard work of transporting the goods from Oman to Yemen.”

HouseNobile 1942
NoseChristian Carbonnel
Size/Cost75ml / $135
Color/ToneGilded Purple
AtmospherePure Perseverance
Source/LinkNobile 1942
SoundtrackDiving for Pearls by Tropic of Coldness, 2019

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