Made for Moderns

While fashion may be cyclical, good taste never goes out of style. Marcel gives the time-tested Eau de Cologne style a new lease on life, accenting the classic structure with the a leathery ylang-ylang, aromatic lavender, woody cedar and earthy patchouli.” “A fresh and elegant take on that paragon of good taste: the Eau de Cologne. Marcelle is an updated and modernized interpretation that pairs the core accord of citrus and orange flower with sweet jasmine and a rich, musky base.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseMarie Jeanne
FragranceTonka Lavande (Materie Premiere collection)
NoseSidonie Lancesseur
SeasonSpring or Summer, You Choose
Size/Cost100ml / $125
SourceMarie Jeanne
Soundtrackorange sky by Joel Cahen, 2018
Rating83% + 87%

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