EP 44: The Dark Range

None of these perfume extraits in The Dark Range Discovery Set have ever tested on animals. Much appreciated there! The house of Memoize offers two distinctive discovery sets – today I’m talking about this dark range though they also have on offer a light range as well. The dark range is like an incredible selection, like wine varietals, in various depths of richness and light. I’m going to talk about each of these eight fragrances super briefly, with a pause half way through, from first impressions to clear the palette (my arms). As a bespoke house I must mention that they also offer a personalized engraved caps which is a special touch.

My first impression was certainly not enough to talk about some of these and I will present a review for Black Avaritia singularly sometime in the near future. About half of these are unisex in feel, a few are more masculine (leaning) to my sensitive shnoz, and a few are distinctly more feminine in composition (Are floral formulas what pushes it there? Who knows what the nose knows….). Though I apologize for the brevity, it’s also part of the fun of reacting live to many fragrances in one go – all eight impressions, just press play!

Part One: Tristitia, Avaritia, Era, Luxuria
Part Two: Superbia, Gula, Invidia, Black Avaritia

SoundtrackEnvelope Two by Benge (2019)

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