Urban Scents Trio

Perfumer Marie Urban Le Febvre and Alexander Urban, both experts in the field of fragrance creation, made their dream come true and founded Urban Scents in Berlin in 2014. When Marie and Alexander met for the first time, it was not only love at first sight, it was also the spontaneous familiarity of two people sharing the same passions. The sense of adventure and their passion for flying brought them together and with Urban Scents they have fulfilled the dream of creating their own perfume house….”

HOUSE: Urban Scents
ORIGIN: Germany
FRAGRANCE: Desert Rose, Sensual Blend, Vetiver Reunion
NOSE: Marie Urban Le Febvre
COST: 100ml / $221

Desert Rose: A beautifully elegant and light rose fragrance that is incredibly airy with the softest spice rub. I get a glistening floral sensation from the skin, just a kiss of sweetness. I also get some kind of accord similar to pencil shavings though no woody notes are listed. It’s so transient though, playing peek-a-boo — or is it a mirage? They refer to it as an androgynous rose, and to an extent I agree, it’s sheerness masks gender as this eventually becomes a dusky musky rose powder in its final stages. (2016, 85%)

Notes: Moroccan rose, spices, ginger, cardamom, amyl salicylate, musk

Sensual Blend: Oh, now you’re talkin’! These folks crafted something suggestive that may have only existed prior in my subconscious. Holy combination, Batgirl! Pardon me for all the exclamations, it’s just when you strike gold, it best be sung from the hills. This combines an ambery skin quality, and like the precious metal it glistens and gleams with such dramatic, gradated light. A hint of post-booziness, something golden like an aromatic rye or a bittersweet bourbon, infused with a smear of the most heavenly vanilla bean paste. There are more wood shavings here though this is likely an accord the wearer may affix though the combination of sultry leather and warm amber. This is one which you likely could go a little sparingly, unless you want a trail of hypnotized potential lovers trailing behind all night long. Actually after being cooped up for nearly eighteen months the thoughts of circulating through dark clubs on the coast of Spain flash to mind, but I digress. This, my dear people, is a masterpiece of pure provocation – don’t sleep on this one. An intoxicating perfume of incredible depth. My tiny sample hath dried up, sending smoke signals to the perfume goddesses to helicopter more in by air, rail or any which way, stat! This competes with Vilhelm Parfumerie’s Morning Chess and Mihan Aromatics’ Petrichor Plains for my undivided attention. One of the three highest ratings this year. (2016, 98%)

Notes: amber, vanilla, whiskey, leather

Vetiver Réunion: This comes off much more sheer than expected at first, it’s kind of disarming. It’s a light spice with a twist of airy citrus spray. That stands out for me as this starts to warm is it’s soft sustained quite light musk. It’s appealing, almost slightly of tonka, but there is none to be found in the note breakdown. An amusing personal skin scent that will be perfect for the hottest Summer days. The vetiver is not at all super green, instead its dry and translucent. The perfume does not have much sillage, rather its intimacy will lock into the subconscious. I haven’t tried doing so, but this may be a wonderful fragrance, sort of edgeless in the right way, to layer with something of your choice to build and enhance – maybe try this with DS & Durga’s ‘I Don’t Know What’ fragrance enhancer – hmmmmm. I’m going to experiment some later. A will o’ the wisp. (2017, 80%)

Notes: citruses, vetiver, red pepper, musk

Recommended Soundtrack:
Haruomi HosonoS-F-X (1984, Teichiku Records)

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